What we have to teach can all be summed up with the following bullets. Enjoy!


Stay Open

Manage Expectations

Never make assumptions

Allow your path to play out

See disappointments as opportunities

Practice being an optimist

Don’t take things personally

Comparison is the thief of joy

Be Brave

Stand Tall

Speak Up For Yourself

Declare what’s so!


Always behave like people are watching

Be impeccable with your words always

Slow down – take time for a pause

Build in time for yourself to recharge

Be a total professional all the time

Dream Big all the time

Grow – stretch – surprise yourself

Know your goals. Change your goals

Be inspired by the shit all around you

Make friends – Barter

Hold onto Interesting people

It’s not who you know it’s who knows you

Bring a Gift

Dig In – be a part of the scene

Be curious

Have awesome shit to share

Give to others. Volunteer – it’s really rewarding

Ask for help

Don’t be a seagull – flying in to lurk, contributing to nothing then taking a shit on others

Live on the edge – Take risks

Always do your best

Get to know yourself

Get over yourself

Get out of your own way

Fake it till you make it

Make Make Make – practice creativity



Speak out loud to people

Network – build your community

Learn the Adobe Creative Suite

Social Media – Do IT!  Watch your content – people are watching

Take your head phones out of your ears – listen to the world around you

Use a Calendar

Write To Do Lists

Show up on time

Be the best dressed in the room

Act like a grown up

Act like a professional

Your creativity is a gift – know this and be generous with it!

Have a lot of fun

Be ridiculous

Be Unreasonable

Be great at follow up

Enjoy the Journey

Say Thank You







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